Chloe Olson - Race Team Member, Certified Instructor

I have always had a special connection with water. Growing up I spent most of my time at the swimming pool, I swam competitively and played on many water polo teams, I've even worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor for over a decade. I find joy in scuba diving, rafting, paddle boarding and kayaking! I've been sea kayaking for 5 years now and find excitement, adventure and wonder in exploring the local waters where I grew up in Seattle, Washington. This will be my 5th season leading kayak tours on the Puget Sound as a guide at Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard Tours. I am also a Level 3 ACA instructor, my aspirations are to get kids excited about kayaking and interested in their local waters and the adventures these surroundings have to offer.

Cindy Barrett - Race Team Member

I’ve been paddling for 15+ years on the inland waters of Washington (such as Ross Lake), and on the Puget Sound.  I enjoy self-guided multi-day kayak trips with friends, especially in more remote areas (Barkley Sound).  My preference is distance paddling, versus sprint events. I have recently done many 20-30 mile days of training in my “newer” tandem, such as from Anacortes to Jones Island, Lake Sammamish to Magnuson Park, and Magnuson Park to the Locks and back.  In my single kayak, I also do jaunts such as Dash Point Park to Shilshole.  My kayaking pairs well with my background in sailing; I have my American Sailing Association 101-104 certs.  With my involvement in King County Search and Rescue, I have a profound respect how smart, active people can end up bad-off through risk taking or lack of preparation.  So, I show up eager to learn and as prepared as possible for the day. 


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