Whether sailing, rowing, stand-up paddling or motoring, the XCAT is the perfect multi-sport platform. This boat is simply enjoyed thanks, in part, to its ease of assembly and transport. Simply unload it from your roof rack or truck bed and assemble it in only a few minutes with no tools. The XCAT is the perfect fit for anyone looking for a portable sail or coastal rowboat and aren’t interested in fussing with inflatables or trailers.

A winner of SAIL Magazine’s 2017 award for Best Day Sailer, the XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. From capturing high winds with XCAT Sail, or leveraging the forward-facing RowVista® or rear-facing RowMotion® rowing mechanisms with the XCAT Row, the XCAT opens up a whole new world of adventures.


To create a boat as versatile, portable and unique as the XCAT, the cracked team of engineers at Row&Sail developed a boat that can be accessorized with a modular platform. But what does that mean for you? The XCAT starts with the XCAT Basic, you can then configure the boat with accessories to set it up as a 1-2 person SUP, a sailboat, a rowboat (with traditional or forward facing styles) and a motor boat (up to 3 hp outboard). But it doesn’t stop there, the XCAT has a trick of it’s own. It can be configured with all of these functions at the same time! You can even switch between functions while out on the water. Switching from rowing to sailing (or vise versa) takes less than 60 seconds!! No production boat on the market offers this many functions, and the XCAT delivers by doing each function very well.

Scroll down to explore the unique modular configurations of XCAT.


Whether you are planning to use the XCAT as a rowboat, a sailboat, or better yet, both, it all starts with a great platform—the XCAT Basic. Made from only 5 parts, the XCAT Basic is easy to transport on the top of your car or SUV and assembles in about 2 minutes or less. The frame is durable and lightweight, made from anodized aluminum for durability and corrosion resistance against seawater. The hulls, which are the single heaviest component of the boat at 38 lbs each, have skins made from a sheet of recyclable HDPE. The sheet is thermoformed into shape then filled with floatation foam—this combines for a portable and unsinkable boat.

While we don’t offer the XCAT Basic as a standard offering, we are happy to special order one for you. Click to link below to inquire about the XCAT Basic.


So you like to go fast—like really fast—like 15 knots fast? Behold the XCAT Sail configuration. In this sailing configuration, the XCAT Basic gets a short mast and a generous sail area that provides plenty of speed with just a little bit of wind. The mainsail generates high-power thanks to its proprietary loop system. Not only is the XCAT Sail fast, but it’s also the most stable boat we sell, capable of handling big water and bad weather, with a built-in, heave-to feature that will work even in the strongest of winds.

With a tool-free assembly time of just 12 minutes or less (Red Beard Record is 7:30), you’ll be on the water in no time. To explore the XCAT Sail configuration, click the link below.


Here’s where the flexibility, versatility and unique functionality of the XCAT’s modular design system really shines. The XCAT Row is a smooth and stable rowing platform, thanks to being built atop the lightweight XCAT Basic. At Red Beard Sailing, we’ve pre-configured the XCAT Row into three different packages: the XCAT SUP, the XCAT RowMotion (available with or without oars) and the XCAT RowVista, our proprietary forward-facing oar system, to accommodate your rowing/paddling style.


The XCat SUP lets you stand up and paddle for fitness or fun. The catamaran stability, coupled with the optional tiller-fix accessory helps keep you on track whether you paddle alone or with a friend.


The XCAT RowMotion is a traditional rowing system—available with 2-piece carbon fiber oars—that takes advantage of the catamaran’s stable platform resulting in a safe, comfortable ride. The XCAT RowMotion comes outfitted with Concept2 oarlocks which allows you to use your own oars if you’d like!


The XCAT RowVista is an award-winning forward rowing masterpiece that not only allows you to row in the direction you’re facing, but with an optional add-on sailing kit, you can both row and sail (downwind) at the same time.

XCAT Technical Specs

Boat Specifications
Overall Length:       16' 5"
Overall Width:         7' 2"
Weight:                   165 lbs
Sail Area (Jib + Main)90.5 ft2
Crew Size:              1-3 people
Carrying Weight:     551 lbs
Hull Material:           HDPE
Keel Type:               Full-Length Keels
Trailer Needed:       No
RowMotion Option Oar Length:    115"
RowVista Option Oar Weight8.5lbs each
Widest Beam w/ Oars22.5'
Assembly Time3—12 mins (depending on model)



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