NDK Echo | Arrives Sept 2022

Sale price$4,525.00


Sept 2022 Arrival | Custom Built NDK Echo

  • Deck Color: Teal
  • Hull Color: White
  • Trim: Teal
  • Features: Factory Installed Keel Strip 

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This kayak has been designed for the smaller paddler. For its size its fast and maneuverable, it has a keyhole cockpit and a low deck to minimize the effect of wind
The kayak rolls well and is fast for its length.


Front hatch approx. 62lts
Rear hatch approx. 40.5lts
Day hatch approx. 31.7lts
Cockpit approx. 120lts

Length 507cm (16ft 7”)
Width 50cm (19.5” inches)

Measurements for a Spray Deck:

Length of the cockpit to the outer rim – 32.5inches
Width of cockpit to the outer rim – 17inches

Note: This kayak will replace the Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Expedition cut down versions. 

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