Tides and Currents is committed to the paddle sports community and growing kayaking, SUP and other forms of water sports.  Our Shop Ambassadors,  Certified Instructors and Endorsed Paddling Centers are mission aligned leaders in the paddle sports community.  Each embody the core values of Tides and Currents, and focused on helping expand our mission of growing paddle sports in the Pacific Northwest.   

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Graton Gathright - Certified Instructor and Shop Ambassador

I began sea kayaking in 2019 to explore the spectacular coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. I quickly discovered that sea kayaking also offered superb fitness, the joy of learning and teaching, exhilarating adventure, and a terrific community. 

I am now an ACA Level 2 Sea Kayaking Instructor, and I help teach beginning and intermediate sea kayaking courses through the North Sound Sea Kayaking Association (NSSKA). I love to teach strokes and rescues and to help introduce paddlers to the tide races of Deception Pass. 

I also serve as the trip coordinator for NSSKA, supporting trip leaders in providing safe, fun sea-kayaking trips for all skill levels in every season.

I have become a big fan of NDK kayaks. My go-to boat is my Romany Classic which is so fun to paddle, particularly in surf and in tide races. I’m excited that with the opening of Tides & Currents, there is once again an NDK dealer in Washington State. 

I am always happy to help sea kayakers–especially new sea kayakers–find the gear, training, and community support that they need to reach their goals. Feel free to reach out on Instagram (@graton.gathright.kayaking) or by email (ggathright@gmail.com).

Jesse Janicula - Certified Instructor 

An avid sea kayaker and paddle boarder, Jesse has kayaked around most of the San Juan Islands and regularly leads trips and trainings for the North Sound Sea Kayaking Association. His favorite islands include Waldron, Stuart, Patos  and Lummi.  

Jesse is an ACA level 4 Sea Kayak Instructor, an ACA level 2 sea kayak instructor trainer, an ACA level 2 SUP Instructor as well as endorsed through the ACA as an Adaptive Paddling and Advanced Communications Instructor. He has paddled worldwide including expeditions in Alaska, Canada, Oman, South America and New Zealand. He once had a shark leap into the cockpit of his kayak.   

Jesse, owns Fidalgo Paddlesports in Anacortes Washington.  Catering to paddlers of all abilities and comfort levels, Fidalgo Paddlesports is dedicated to creating fun and educational paddling experiences through individualized coaching, expert instruction and focused development.   

Visit Jesse's website to learn more https://fidalgopaddlesports.com/




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