Tempo Carbon - High Angle Touring

Size: 205-215
Sale price$399.00


The Stellar Tempo paddle is a “High Angle” style blade, great for fitness paddling and narrower boats.  The Tempo is designed for those paddlers with a steeper catch angle and a tight catch to the boat.  This high angle style of stroke is more efficient for propulsion, concentrating more of your force in a forward direction compared to a “low angle” design.  The blade tip is rounded for a solid clean catch at varying angles. The blades are designed with minimal dihedral, allowing for easy feathering and control strokes. Sized perfectly for a full day of kayaking and control in varying conditions. The tempo comes standard with a tension adjustable cam, allowing for 10cm of length adjustment and any feather angle. The round shaft settles comfortably into your hand and the carbon/fiberglass laminate is lightweight, with an ideal blend of stiffness and flex, while looking great.  Available in 2 constructions, a highly visible translucent Red fiberglass or clear finished woven Carbon fiber

Blade Length: 19.4 in. / 49.3 cm
Blade Width: 6.8 in. / 17.3 cm
Blade Area: 96.9 sq in / 625 sq cm
Standard Length Range: 205-215
Cam collar: Plastic
Shaft: Round
Weight: 28.9 oz / 819g

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